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When one chapter won’t stay closed

I’m told that my ex-fiancé didn’t introduce herself to one of my co-workers for fear of all the “bad-mouthing” she’d likely heard from me. To complicate matters, a different co-worker’s wife is my ex-fiancé’s best friend, and I know from experience anything I say or do (whether it relates to her or not, probably) is repeated down the chain verbatim.
To be honest, my opinion of my ex-fiancé is not very good. She broke my heart, she broke a financial agreement we’d made, and she was complicit in running me into bankruptcy. We could very well have parted as friends, had she not been so financially irresponsible.
Either way, I don’t give a flip about her opinion of me, as I continue to try and put that entire chapter of my life to rest. I miss terribly her youngest daughter, Chloe, who I wanted so badly to adopt as my own, but other than that, that whole chapter is a waste to me now.