Meet Sammie & Alex

I suppose it’s time to introduce my readers to my two cats, Sammie (short for Samantha) on the right below and Alex (short for Alexander) on the left.

Sammie is about 4 or 5 years old, and a tortie (having a tortoise-shell appearance.) She belonged to my former fiancé, and her youngest daughter was concerned that I might be lonely after the breakup, so Sammie came to live with me.
Alex was left on a co-worker’s front doorstep when he was just a day or two old. He has a gray coat with a splash of white fur on his breast. I adopted him after my co-worker asked me to.
Some interesting notes about these two:

  • Alex was originally named “Ally” — a play on “Alley” as in “Alley Cat”, since she thought Alex was really a girl cat.
  • Sammie has a foot fetish, rubbing against and lightly biting my bare feet anytime they’re exposed, especially when I first get out of the shower.
  • Alex is a climber, always has been. When he was just a kitten, he used to jump and climb up the side of my slacks and shirts until he was perched on my shoulders. He would frequently climb up dressers, the refrigerator and shelves.
  • Sammie frequently stretches or cleans herself, then seems to forget to bring her tongue totally inside.
  • Alex likes to smell things with his mouth partially open, then leaves it that way for several moments.
  • Both Alex and Sammie “chatter” when they see birds outside.
  • Both are afraid of the vacuum cleaner and plastic bags.
  • Sammie picks up her toys with her claws and flings them against the walls.
  • Alex can sometimes be found sleeping on the floor underneath the bedspread, or on the bed itself under the comforter.
  • Alex used to climb up inside the back of the couch and go to sleep.
  • Sammie frequently lays across my legs and wrists, as if she’s trying to tell me to stop blogging.
  • Alex goes to sleep against the pillow beside me or curled up against my side. Sammie goes to sleep at my feet or between the legs.
  • Alex cannot be let into the bathroom because he’ll destroy the toilet paper and drag the bath mat all over the apartment.
  • Alex frequently runs ahead of me, lies down and stretches out, fully expecting me to rub his tummy.
  • Alex can sometimes be found lying on the carpet, on his back.
  • Alex will stick his arms and paws underneath the bathroom door and try to claw anything that moves.
  • Sammie actually kisses me, putting her lips against mine when she wants to show affection.

They’re my buddies, and I love taking care of them.