So I’m retired

I started receiving partial Social Security benefits (such a strange word for money being given back to me after paying into the system for 40+ years) last month and I must say that it has eased my financial concerned immensely.

I’m also getting out and earning more money driving for Uber (almost) exclusively. I think I’ll have to be careful not to earn more than $21,240/year lest I lose my partial benefits until I turn 67 when I’ll receive the full amount, anyway. $21,240/year translates to $408/week, and I can earn that doing Uber in my sleep. I am set to receive $1,184/month which equates to $14,208/year. I’m told that those earnings are taxable as income, which I don’t fully understand because I’ve already been taxed as income when I originally had taxes withheld on my gross income at the time, didn’t I? Now I have to pay income tax on top on income tax? I’m so confused.

So, $408/week is all I’m allowed to make with Uber which translates to about $100 for 4 days/week.

Bottom line is: I’m thinking that, although I’m now on a “fixed income,” I should be able to breathe more easily until I die, which I keep thinking is sooner rather than later.